Vince Edwards
Founder / Web Guru

Age: 38 years
Experience: 10 years
Strengths: Design, programming, Graphics, Creativity

For over the past 20 years Vince Edwards has had a passion for computers and software development. During the past 10 years he has built a successful website development company and was the founder of scripts4ning a popular provider of social applications and scripts for the Ning platform. He also owns a Social site for Social Network Creators (Sitesuites) that has over 4700 members, created a local social network for a personal pet project (kiwipulse), that now has over 6,000 members and is a community leader for a facebook social network application (IAMKIWI) that has 50,000 members. He also runs his own local Web development company Media Creations Ltd (NZ) - an innovative web development business.

During the course of running his company and multiple projects, Vince has also built a number of website software applications and systems that have been “bought out” by other companies. He was the founder of Scripts4Ning which left a legacy of software in the social networking arena - Vince was the lead creative developer for all the scripts and systems that were eventually taken over by the larger social platform company ( and was bought out by Ning in late 2008. Many of the software and systems developed by Vince are still in use today by customers all over the world and have been taken over and bought out by other companies both small and large. They include: Swiftedit website editor, Easy Niche store creator, Codelock PHP Encryptor and Tracker, Auto Pay Switch payment system, Remote Media display screen software and Scripts4Ning.

Vince is extremely optimistic about the role the internet has to play in the lives of everyday people and the impact it has made and is yet to make. He is of the belief that the internet is only just starting to mature and it is only going to increase in its influence and impact on all societies and cultures. He believes that Social Networking will play a large role in how people manage their “lives” in the future.

Anyone who has ever had any dealings with Vince can see that he is an expert in his field. He adopts a positive “anything is possible” attitude and loves to think outside the square. He likes to push the boundaries of what is possible and is very creative. He has established a legacy of successful software products and is always thinking of (and working on) the next big thing. Mostly, his motivation is to push the envelope and to achieve something extraordinary, cutting edge and “cool”. No matter what he creates people seem to love and often times, the software and applications he creates are one step ahead of the market. Vince is excited about the future and the potential of what can be achieved through the production of innovative projects and enjoys the creative expression he has experienced throughout the journey of his development legacy.